Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Semester

Happy 2010!!!
I have now started my second semester at USU, and Im loving every minute of it.
I love almost all of my classes. Stats 1040 might kick my butt, but Im hoping it isnt too terrible.
We had one of our roommates move out this semester, so Caitlin, one of my good friends from connections moved in with Eunji, one of our roommates from last semester. I love having her here. :)
I love being an active Alpha Chi Omega. :) its the best. We just did recruitment last week for spring semester, and it was crazy, that whole week was so busy.

Me and my roommate Jac bought at $12 couch at the DI and put our beds into bunk beds. Our room is pretty much the best room in the LLC right now. haha.
I will be posting pictures soon, stay tuned!!! haha.

and if anyone ever wants to send me anything, even a address is:

Chelsea Bergstrom
0199 Old Main Hill
LLC Building D301
Logan, UT 84322

I would appreciate any mail you are willing to send thanks. :)