Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What? Its already May????

Its may.
Where the heck did second semester go? ...better yet, where did my first year of college go?
I had the most amazing year of my life. I made some of the best friends anyone could ever have, I'm so lucky. I came to college so scared that I would not fit in. I have discovered a lot about myself and a lot about who the person I want to become. College is nothing like what I expected it to be, it was a lot harder, and A LOT more fun. Some of the many things I've learned:
1. Dance parties are acceptable anywhere.
2. A double room in the LLC can be arranged many different ways.
3. Going to bed at midnight is exceptionally early.
4. You find out who your friends are, the real ones stay and the ones who weren't meant to be fade away.
5. You don't need people in your life who aren't going to support you, there are billions of people in this world.
6. It is one thing to think it, completely different to act on it.
7. Boxed brownies are amazing, anytime.
8. You can pick two of the three: socialize, sleep, or study. You cant have all three.
9. You acquire the most random stuff over the year. Stuff you just cant throw away because of the memories that come with it.
10. There's no place like home. :]
11. Marketplace food is good for about a month. After that, its just gross.
12. 8:30 am is wayyyy too early for a class.
13. Late night taco bell runs are THE BEST
14. Laundry can wait as long as possible, either till you run out of underwear or you go home for the weekend.
15. Facebook is the worst/best way to procrastinate. EVER.
16. You find some person on facebook you dont even know, and you have 10 mutual friends.
17. Walmart adventures are the best.
18. Going on adventures consists of going to Idaho to buy lotto tickets, or pulling pranks.
19. Kissing random people on a concrete block is normal, its called becoming a True Aggie.
20. Your very first date in college gives you a VL card when he kisses you. An actual card.

20 things is not even enough, I have learned so much :]

Like I said before, I have met the most amazing people ever this year.
Can I just tell you, that I have never had to share a roo
m in my life. I was so scared that I would hate having a roommate, or that they would hate me. My roomies(All 8 of them), are the most amazing girls ever, I was so lucky. A diverse group of girls, but we meshed so well. I know I can be hard to live with sometimes, but they put up with me pretty well. Between dishes, and dirty bathrooms, to dance parties, and crazy adventures at 6 a.m., they have been the most amazing girls to live with. Can I please just say how lucky I am again? :] I just love them, so much.
My actual roomie, ohhh boy. Where do I begin? The cutest girl ever. Every boy that sees her falls in love with her. Also, she is the only girl I have ever met that can pull off red/purple hair, and look even better than amazing...I didnt actually meet her this year though, it wasn't exactly fate that brought us together. HSI 2007....oh boy. The UW 3 week long summer camp that
was probably one of the most fun summers ever. I didn't really know her at the time, but I remember her doing my hair...just like she did all this year....:)
Pillow talk--our late night talks (which i usually fell asleep to) and watching baman piderman videos, listening to her talk in her sleep, and her becoming my little, she is in so many parts of my life sometimes it can be a bit scary. We share way too much, clothes, most boys we have ever been involved with...haha. She is such a big inspiration to me(getting up at 6 a.m. to work out is something I could never do.) and living with her has taught me so much :)
Oh Katie. She knows how to have fun :) Even though I didnt know her super well until this last semester, she has to be one of the most fun, gorgeous girls I have ever met. She gets all the boys. She makes me laugh all the time, and those crazy nights I will never forget always include her. I think its the saddest for me to say goodbye to her because she's going to be so far away.
This girl has been there for me when I've needed i
t the most. She was there to listen to me anytime. Sitting on her bed talking to her while she was doing her hair or fixing her makeup is one thing I will never forget, we talked about anything and everything. She is also one of the most fun and random person I've ever met. It makes me sad to know she isnt coming back next year, but I know that she is going to have so much fun being married to the love of her life :)
I could go on all day about this girl. Gorgeous, smart, funny....:) She has the confidence I wish I had. She just makes me smile, all the time, no matter what Im doing. She has been so fun to live with, there is never a dull moment with Jen around. I just love her so much!!!!!
Now if you wanna talk about fate....haha. but really. We were in connections together and she just happened to be in one of my classes and started eating lunch with me, jen, and alycia every day after this class. We also rushed together :) She is an amazing person, organized, gorgeous, and so many other things. I was so happy when she moved in with us at the beginning of second semester! It seems like she has been our roomie all along!
I didnt know her that well, but she was an awesome roommate! She had the cutest clothes and was always so nice. All of us used to see her and squint our eyes and pop our foot up and make a peace sign, it was great fun.
This woman, i swear never slept. She does so much stuff, and is so successful. although she wasnt around much and I didnt get to spend near enough
time with her, the time I spent was so much fun. She has accomplished so much and will accomplish so much more in the future...shes just amazing!

Im going to miss these girls so much. Each and every one of them. They were so amazing, that even what I wrote about each of them isnt enough. They have been the ones that made my freshman year so great. I love you guys.

My AXO sisters have also been another reason I have made it through my freshman year, without having them to run to sometimes I would have gone crazy. I cannot name you all in my would take too long. but I love you all so much and I'm so excited to live with you next year! I love my A Chi O :]

Sam, Kurt, Ian, Mike, Steve, Thomas, Spencer, Jake, Tyler, and Chris...(AKA boys down the hall)
Thanks for just being awesome. :] you guys were the best guy friends a girl could have, love you all, no matter how well I knew all of you individually. You always knew how to make me laugh or make me feel better when I was feeling down!!!!!