Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh Christmas....break.

I realize how much school takes up my time when I don't have school.....
Tumblr, pinterest, facebook and twitter have been taking over my life.....which is really sad. 
As I look back on 2011 I think about the roller coster it has been....I think about the fabulous friends and family I have, and the amazing people who are in my life. So heres the pictures, I think I got it all covered :) 
Exec Board 2011 AXO

USU--Region Champs 2011

Me and Bree :) 

Chelsea and Chelsea. This is really not attractive. haha Lyre week Spring 2011

Me and my grandlittle :) 

Step Show Spring 2011

me and my bestest friend

Senior dinner :) My big

DSP formal Spring 2011 I love these boys so much!

AXO Spring formal 

Summer--Santa Monica pier

Beach :) 

me and carlos :) 

my newest little, Jacki -- fall 2011 new member class 

me and Whitney in the summer!

Caitlin's wedding :) freshman year roomies!

Me and Chelsea Dean

Pike dance party in the fall

Me and Thomas :) 

DSP Toga Party

Phi Men Black and Purple ball

Fall recruitment 


Heres to 2012! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

That classic end of year post.

It seems like just yesterday I was ringing in 2011, but now its almost 2012!
And just a little secret, I never got used to writing 2011 until like, last month.....So now I get to get used to writing another year all over again....yay.....
As I look back on 2011 I think about all the fantastic times I had. My college career has been something I have never imagined, and I would never expect any different. But this year has been a true roller coster for me, and so now making plans for the future has really set my priorities in order. Fall 2011 semester was hell. Literally, I dont think I could have had a worse semester than I did last semester. Between juggling two jobs, exec board for AXO, and doing school at the same time, I just got burnt out. I was having a lot of problems emotionally and let it take a toll on my entire life. Im not going to go into details, but staying strong was one of the hardest things to do, and at times I wasn't succeeding. If it wasn't for my mom being in Logan, I dont know if I would have made it through. 
My grades took a turn for the worst, but I think I can come back from that, but what I really took from last semester is that even though I can be put through trials, I can make it through, and become a better person. I have reflected on my mistakes and learned from them, and am now living in the moment and planning for the future with the best intentions in mind. 
2012 will be a lot different. I moved out of AXO into my own house, so I could focus on school and myself. I am not on exec anymore, and I quit Cal Ranch and am now working at the bookstore permanently :) Although it makes me sad I wont be as involved in Alpha Chi, I am very glad I got to serve on the exec board last year, and hope that the girls taking over this semester will take our chapter to a whole new level! I am completely dedicating myself to school and bettering myself, which Im really excited about. I think I can be so much better than I already am and I need to allow myself to reach that. 
Alsoooo....I am planning on entering myself into the doTerra slim and sassy contest for 2012. I want to be healthy again, and Ive tried this before and it was working, but I stopped doing it. So now Im going to go back on it and enter this contest! Im going to blog about my new "adventure" I guess you could say, and it will be on my other blog: :) It's very plain right now, but I will be revamping it, dont worry. Me and my friend Taylor will hopefully be entering the contest. 

So heres to 2012, to changing for the better and learning from my mistakes. Im learning to be the person I was meant to be :)