Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just one thing.

Gotta jump on my soap box for a second...okay. here we go. 

So the trend in the facebook world lately is sharing articles. Which is fine, I have nothing against it. I actually really like reading the articles and learning a different viewpoint about certain things. 
But here's the problem. 

People get SO upset when someone else posts something that they don't like. Now, maybe Im crazy, but the last time I posted something anywhere on social media I posted it because I liked it, not because I wanted some distant friends approval about an article I didn't even write. Whether you shared 10 reasons not to get married married before you are 25, or you liked the article about bunnies and rainbows, thats your own deal. Whatever floats your boat, you should be able to share, because its YOUR facebook. If someone doesnt want to read it, they dont have to. I believe that I have a choice on what I look at or dont, which is probably why Ive never seen Breaking Bad, or read your status that was three pages long. 
One of my friends may like something that I don't. Doesnt mean I hate them, just means we have different likes, or opinions....which I thought was okay. But judging by my friends facebook posts lately, sometimes I dont really know.

I think people need to take a step back and realize that just because you have an opinion about something, doesn't mean everyone else will think the same way. 
 I thought this picture was appropriate...

I think it really great that people have opinions. I also know almost everyone has one. But to go with that, I dont want you to be wavin' yours in my face, and I hope that mine has never been forced on you. 
You should be able to think and feel the way YOU want to, and not let anyone tell you otherwise.  I have no room to judge someone because of their beliefs or feelings.
You do you, Ill do me, and we will occasionally disagree.

but the weird thing about that is, its ok

Thats all Im done telling you my opinion now. Hopefully you actually did want to read this! :)