Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Ive always hated goodbyes.
Its always been see you later for me. Thats how I coped with dropping sam off at the airport when he came to visit. Didnt stop me from crying, but it helped a little. I would just start counting down to the next time I would see him. 
(Thank GOODNESS I dont have to do that anymore)

Anyways. This week is my final week in Logan. I am done with school, and I am moving on to a new chapter. Which scares the living daylights out of me. Because I have been in school since I can remember. There was no real decision for me on whether or not to go to college, I just decided where to go and went. Which was great. Fast forward five long, antagonizing years you have a college grad who changed her major 3 times, and then happened to stumble upon the best program at USU. :) I have learned SO much the past two years it blows my mind. I could imagine spending my last two years anywhere else. But now the scary part is, I have to grow up and have a real job and buy a car...and think about buying houses....


Anyways. Back to my point.
It comes time to say goodbye to Logan, my friends, my sorority sisters, and everything Ive ever known basically about living away from home. Big changes are happening ya'll, and a year from now who knows where I will be. Its scary, and like I said before, Ill miss Logan like crazy. But right now, Im embracing the change, the move, and the opportunity to experience the next chapter in my life. Ive come across a realization that life is so short. You only have one time to get it right. And I dont think it's so much getting it right, but loving the live you've been given.
God has blessed me so much, all the things that have happened to me in the past two years have been absolutely amazing. Not to say that I havent had trials and dont expect to have more. But. I am so lucky. I am so happy. I am so ready to say "see you later" to Logan and hello to another adventure. A piece of my heart will always be here:)

See you later--

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Im a big kid now....weird.

So without overloading facebook with my graduation pictures, I figured I would post a few of my favorites here so others who haven't already could see them. Let me just tell you, Cody was an amazing photographer. She made taking these pictures so fun, and was super reasonably priced too! Sorry if I showed these to you already, I just love them so much! Im glad I decided to get them taken. Sarah Hernandez did my hair and make-up, and she did a fabulous job as well, I felt so pretty!:) 

Click here to check out Codys blog and her website :) She is on facebook as cody paige photography.

17 days till I'm out of Logan!

Friday, April 4, 2014

7 things I wish I would have known as a freshman in college

So its almost finally set in that I am going to graduate college soon. After 4 majors, and 5 years of grief I am FINALLY set to graduate.  I was thinking though, the other day about my college experience, and what I have learned along the way. My college experience was definitely not easy, and at times it seemed easier to go apply to work full time at McDonalds. But. I have grown so much from my experiences, and to hopefully make the college experience a little easier for someone else just entering this new and exciting time of their life, I have thought about seven things I wish I would have known.

7. Get Involved. EARLY!
Four years may seem like an eternity, but its not. I am a fifth year senior and my time at Utah State has flown by. I joined Alpha Chi Omega as a freshman, and that is something I do not regret. I kindof jumped into sorority recruitment with absolutely no idea what I was doing, but being greek changed my life. I am a more well rounded, confident woman because I was, still am and always will be an Alpha Chi Omega. But even if it isn't a greek organization that you are interested in, every college campus has TONS of clubs and awesome opportunities. I had the chance to be on the equestrian team for a year and that was an awesome learning experience and I met so many great people and got to travel all over Utah, Idaho and Montana. But dont wait until your senior year when you decide you need stuff to fill up your resume.

I just love my birdies...yep. 

6. If you can avoid it, don't take classes before 8:30.
Yes you did it in high school, you were probably even up before that. But believe me, it sucks. I took an 8:30 math class figuring it would be so easy to be up, but its not. In college you stay up WAY later than you are used to and dragging yourself to that early class is not going to be as easy as you think. If you have to take early classes, I feel so sorry for you. Maybe you wont be as big of a struggle bus as I was, but either way, early classes are never fun. I dont even know if my math teacher knew who I was because I never went to class. Ever. I probably looked something like this in class....

5. You think you know exactly what you want to do with your life, but usually you dont.
Take your time. College is for exploring, and seeing new things. I thought I knew what I wanted to do as a senior in high school, but boy was I wrong. You do a lot of growing up, and if you change your mind, it's okay. I was distraught about spending 5 years in college, and staying an extra year seemed like a nightmare. It's gone by so fast now that I wonder where the time went, and why all of my high school classmates have little children and why all of my friends are off their missions and married already.

4. Enjoy being poor. College is the only time its acceptable.
It sounds really stupid, but my first week at USU one of the peer mentors told us to take advantage of being poor. Its probably one of the only times its acceptable to have .50 in your bank account and not be going through a life crisis. Use your college discounts, a lot of places offer them. 10% off your frozen yogurt can make a big difference...okay? If you were like me, you are going to spend the first two weeks of your freshman year wandering walmart looking for stupid stuff to buy....

Why yes I bought those glasses at walmart...and no, I don't have them anymore because I spent $3 on them then threw them away in six months. 

3. These crappy jobs might be your favorite jobs later.
Working as a waitress or a cashier may seem crappy now, but enjoy it. I have met some amazing people, especially as a waitress. You meet some awful people too, but that teaches you how to be an adult, because shockingly these people dont go away after you get a big-kid job, they turn into your coworkers.
Get lucky and you could get a job that lets you hang out with baby cows...and stuff...:) 

2. Procrastination.
I seriously could be called the Queen of Procrastination. And no matter how many times I say I will never ever ever wait until the night before to do a paper or study for a test, I still do. I will go out with friends, sit on facebook, pin on pinterest, and find every possible thing to do before I do my homework until it's hours before its due. So I guess what Im trying to say is dont procrastinate...but if you do, I wouldnt blame you. A while back one of my facebook friend told me: "If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute." well...thats my story and I'm stickin' to it. haha

1. "College is the best and worst times of your life"
My first recruitment as a sorority member this quote was said. Mind you, we had about 25 possible new members sitting in a room, looking at our recruitment chair as she said that. It was a total accident, and we were all so tired from an entire week of exhausting activities that it just...kinda came out. It was horrifying and hilarious all at the same time. Now while I would probably never say this to someone who is going through sorority recruitment, it is valid. I have met my best friends, had amazing nights singing journey at the top of my lungs, laughed until I cried and done some crazy things I never thought I would do. But I have also sat through a 9 am hideously boring class on natural resources, got in fights, gotten my heart broken and cried until I couldn't anymore. So there ya go. My 7 reasons. I would have done ten, but my fingers are tired and...well Im kindof lazy. and also procrastinating homework that Ive gotta get done for next week. Ohhkkayy. On that note....

Pardon the language, but it was appropriate.