Thursday, December 4, 2014

A little update!

I figured I better do a little update, considering I haven't posted in forever. Its about time right?? 

Me and Sam are super busy working and slowly planning the wedding. Maybe its just right now, but Im not super stressed. Im assuming the stress will hit about, oh March or April. Thats when things are going to start rolling. Its already less than 7 months away, time is flying
We DO have some exciting news though...
we will be going to JAMAICA for our honeymoon! I got an AMAZING deal through Get Away Today. We will be staying in Grande Rivera, it is a Sandals resort. Our travel agent sent us pictures, and I am so so so excited. 

Sandals is so awesome, they set us up a registry so our friends and family could help us pay for our trip and get us upgrades on our room, pay for a candle light dinner, etc. This is super great, considering we already have a lot for our house/apartment. You can find our registry here.  

DONT FORGET: We need your addresses. We will be sending out invites EARLY so those that need to travel can make travel plans. We also have group rates on hotels set up, so if you are traveling let me or Sam know, we will get you set up! :) If you have already put your address in to our address book, don't worry! We have it. If you are not sure, ask and we will check. 

Put your addresses here:

Our wedding website has been running super slow lately, but you can still find that here:
Our website includes everything, a few of our engagements, wedding party details, our engagement story and our dating story, pretty much everything! 

I recently became a Scentsy Consultant. I love it so far, my team is great, and selling scentsy is so fun. I haven't done any home parties, I have done mostly online parties. Which is great, but how do you smell Scentsy through the computer???? I mostly love filling orders and giving people their orders, I feel like a scentsy santa! Anyways.....

Thats about all for now. We are both working lots. I work at the Salt Lake County Sports Office and Sam now works at Holland Equipment Company. We still live in Salt Lake, although I don't know how long we will be in Salt Lake. A relocation may be in our near future, but we don't know exactly where yet! :)