Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick little update.

I havent blogged in almost three months. Thats probably not okay. Anyways. In three months...I....
Moved. Again. (weird...that never happens)
Started school again
changed my major (that never happens either...I swear)
Quit my job waitressing
Was a Rho Gamma for recruitment (one of the best experiences of my college career)
Became a full time student and an active member of Alpha Chi Omega again :) yay!

Nothing terribly exciting has happened. My poor sad college life continues, and since I changed my major I will graduate a year late. Which is fine because I freaking love parks and recreation. the classes and teachers are fabulous. its all about programming and event management, which is fan-freakin-tastic.  Well since Im super cool and I have nothing else to say, ill just post some pictures of the past couple of months to fill you in :) Im also too lazy to continue writing. haha here you go!

After re-affiliation on bid day! 


Homecoming football game with one of my favorite people :) 

Fall pictures with sisters :) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Patience is something I have always lacked. lets be honest. I switched my major because I didnt want to go to grad school and have to wait another two years for my degree. I am constantly counting down the days to things, and then once thats over I find the next thing to count down to. I am constantly running from one place to the other, wishing I was someplace else.
I realized this weekend when I was at home that I am going to look back and realize all that stuff I rushed through is and was  my life, and its going to be over before I know it. (real cool revelation, I know) And taking it slow is not my way of things. I like to rush through everything I do to get to the "good part" and dont stop to look at where Im at right now. 

So here I am. Finally trying to slow down and take my time, because life is too great to rush through.:)

Friday, June 8, 2012

sunshine summertime.

So....the computer system for looking up books and such is down at work. So guess what I decided to do? 
Update ya'll on my life and actually read my friends blogs for once...weird. 
So since I last blogged...hmmm
I turned 21. 
which...really wasn't at all as I imagined it.
They day before my birthday, I got a sore throat. Which was whatever. I always get sore throats. and mind you, I had just been sick last week with a cold...or allergies...or something. So. I just brush it off. But when I went to work, I got super achey and my throat hurt really bad. But I went to Ogden with Caitlin and Jennika to see Alycia, and that was super fun. I just took ibprophen and it wasnt terrible, but as soon as I got home, I got into bed and just wanted to die. I had a fever, I hurt everywhere, it was terrible. So midnight rolls around, and isnt that where anyone who is turning 21 is supposed to get crazy and go drink...and stuff? 
Nope. not this girl. I was in bed, under my covers, with One Tree Hill and a glass of water...dying. 
So to cut this boring story short I went to instacare and paid $70 on my birthday to discover I had a serious infection going on in my throat and although the Strep test came out negative, I still had strep. cool. Glad I paid someone to tell me that.
But I went out to dinner, and bought my first alcoholic beverage....oh so exciting. We also went to the only real bar in town...the Owl and got my card for a free burger and then left, then I went home and went to bed...super exciting birthday right? For a couple of years now Ive been planning that day out, been planning the super awesome party I would have. No. That didnt happen.  But its fine. Ill be 21 for a while...I guess. haha. 

In other news, I got a new job!
I work at Gia's as a server. Which I love so far. Its super crazy and fast paced, but its fine.
I also have never opened a wine bottle, or a bottled beer, until last Sunday, which was the first time I took tables by myself. Always a new adventure I guess!
Alright. Thats all. We may be closing the bookstore because the computer systems are still down...wooohooo!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strengths, giving back, and just life in general!

Its been a crazy, super fast, interesting semester.  I feel like so much has changed, and so much is still changing as we speak. I haven't been able to blog for a long time, because I thought that there was really nothing worth saying.  I would sit down to blog and literally sit and stare at the cursor blink. So I gave up for a while. Figured when my writers block broke I would just have a lot to fill everyone in on!
So today was that day when my writers block finally broke. We will start with that, and work our way back.
I stayed up until about 3 am last night, hanging out with friends and chatting.  Now one reason thats significant: I had to get up at 7 the next morning. ew.
So I went to bed and got a few hours of sleep before I had to wake up and get ready for the day.
My agenda consisted of :
8:30 am--picking up my bountiful baskets in Nibley
9 am--Academic Senate Training on campus
11 am--Off to Layton for an etiquette luncheon for AXO

Lesson for the day:
I was really dumb to stay up until three.

But it was fun, and I was up by 7. So I get up and get into pin attire so I can go straight from Nibley, to training, to Layton. After picking up my basket, I ran up to campus and to the business building. This training was up on the 9th floor, which had a gorgeous view overlooking Cache Valley.  I wish I would have gotten a picture, those business people are lucky that they get to use that lounge often!

I am on CHaSS council for the upcoming year, which means I will be helping plan events for the college, working on improving student experiences, and creating traditions through CHaSS for students to enjoy. I went to this training today and all of the other college councils were there too, and it literally was one of the most eye opening experiences of my semester.  I just decided to apply for the council on a whim because I want to get more involved on campus, and ended up getting a spot! But anyways. the training. I really wasnt expecting much, and I was actually expecting to be really bored. Boy, was I wrong.
We watched a video about strengths. Which was awesome because it was focused on finding your strengths, and utilizing them. It was great because it wasnt about improving your weaknesses, or beating yourself up about improving yourself. And also a strength is not something like "I feel strong and energized when I get compliments" Its more like "I feel strong and energized when I help others, or plan and execute an event" Its about you. not anyone else. you. and I think Ive been focused on working towards approval of others, which is not necessary. If you approve of yourself and focus on things you can do well, those that matter will approve of you, and those that dont...well they suck. hahaha. but anyways. It was awesome to take a step back and be like, yeah, Im good at this, and it makes me feel great! Owning my strengths I believe in time will improve my weaknesses in time.

Well that completes the first part of my amazing day. I had to leave the training early to go to the luncheon, and it was real awkward when me and two other alpha chis just got up and walked out. but its okay. going down the 8 flights of stairs was a good time, and made me slightly dizzy. anyways. back on track

The luncheon was about an hour away from Logan, and we got there just in time. Our alumnae have been pushing the chapter to improve their etiquette skills, so Aunt Mer (as she is known by all of the girls) paid for us to have a three course lunch at the Oakridge Country Club in Layton. It was, awkward, funny, and interesting to say the least. Sometimes we really didn't know what to do, so we just kind of made it up as we went along. Aunt Mer stood up and gave a speech and talked about giving back, and how important it was that we give our valuable knowledge to others, and giving to organizations that have given to us. Although she is a little long-winded, I always love listening to her speak, she is a wise woman. It was gorgeous weather, so it made for an amazing time.

I always had the attitude that I didnt deserve the life that I would be like Aunt Mur and be able to give back, or be able to pay for 35 girls to eat a meal a country club. But thats not true. Someday her words will be put into action.

After I got back to Logan, I packed and now am in Star Valley until Tuesday. The beauty of this valley never ceases to amaze me, especially after all of the snow melts.

So that was my day that lifted my writers block. I finally feel like I am a confident person again, and that Im going somewhere with my life...(finally!)

I went and talked to my advisor and I may be switching my major to Ag Communication, which is a dual major in Agriculture and Communication(PR emphasis).  It will give me an edge and be a good thing for employment later. Which probably puts me a year behind schedule to graduate, but hey, who doesn't want to be a professional college student?

More exciting news that makes me happy--Im finally losing the weight Ive been wanting to for a long time. I have been going to the gym about three times a week, and watching what I eat.  myfitnesspal.com has been my life saver, and had shown me how much of an effect eating bad has on me.  Im losing inches already and a pound is already gone. If anyone is struggling with losing weight---myfitnesspal. literally the greatest thing ever. Its an app for iphone, droid, and is available online at myfitnesspal.com as well :) I also have Tiffany to thank for that because she has been dragging my lazy butt to the gym.

Anyways. Thats about all... I think. Heres to turning over a new leaf, and finally having a plan in action.  Im so ready to make a change, and be the person I have been wanting to become for a long time.

Im so blessed. and I need to realize that and keep that in mind, because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow.

one last thing....
40 days until my 21st birthday :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

update...for what its worth.

Ohh dear. 
What a few weeks it has been. 
I honestly can say I have the best friends that life could ask for. 
Lets start...well...from yesterday. and work our way back. 
I stayed in logan this weekend, and had a fantastic weekend with friends :) 
I shot a gun for the first time! 
well two different guns.
I couldn't tell you what kind they were..or anything. but when I shot the pistol I guess I turned my head and closed my eyes when I pulled the trigger....so its safe to say if I ever tried to shoot anything I would probably miss.  But that's besides the point, I shot a gun! Give me time, Ill be pro before too long! TJ and Vince were very patient with me, which is lucky because I didnt even know how to hold a gun and would have probably done something stupid. I wish I would have taken pictures, but Ive got nothing. maybe next time. 
I went to the bridal fair Saturday with a bunch of girls just for kicks, and because I want to start getting ideas for being a wedding planner. It was so fun, I ate too much cake, me and Jac got to take pictures in a photobooth, and I got to look at pretty rings. We also went to Olive Garden for Jacs birthday and had Italian sodas, a good time all around.
Pushing back into Lyre week, I had so much fun sleeping over at the house, and hanging out with all of the girls. Initiation was fantastic everything went really well. :) 
Right now Im just so homesick, its one of the first weekends I havent been home and Im just really missing my mom, my dog and my horse! Oh well, two days!
:) Thats all for now, Im sorry Im super lame. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Its been a while

It actually hasn't been a while. 
but it feels like its been a while.
I have been running. and running. and running.
Looking for someone/something to make me happy. 
Boys, a hobby, anything really to spark something in me that makes me want to get up in the morning. 

Well. Its not any of those. Sad to say that boys kindof suck, and hobbies are great, when you have time for them. My hobby is sitting on the computer....which is probably not a very good hobby but we will settle that later. For now sitting on the computer is all I want to do on my free time! 

Anyways. Happiness. Its different for you, me, and everyone else in the world. Snow doesn't make me happy...but maybe it makes...oh I dont know. My neighbor happy. Horses make me happy, and Ive heard countless people tell me that horses suck...(which is crazy to me. but alright!)...but that's their happiness, not mine. 

I think what it all comes down to is acceptance, and acceptance that happiness can just come to you, randomly when you may just want to be sad...

I have found that church makes me happy. Being with people who believe like me...makes me happy. Putting all that sadness somewhere else so God can take care of it....
Thats what makes me happy. Which also triggers a lot of things that can make me happy. Little things. Like this blog. and sunshine. and rain. and happy music. 

Yep. Im tired. Its been a long week/weekend. and its only monday...all over again. So dont mind the randomness of this post....
I love life.
I love Jesus. 
and I love even the sucky sad times in life...
Because they will bring me joy, I just dont realize it yet!!! 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I honestly feel like the last three days have been the longest days of my entire life. I went from being on my highest of highs, to my lowest of lows, to being back on that high, for a different reason. 
I know this sounds so vague, but I have class at 9 and I have got to get some sleep. but no worries, this story will be expanded.
:) Love you all.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Me and my silly animals.

You know what I realized today? 
I have had Thomas in Logan with me for almost a year. Now he is home, cause Ive been too busy and I need to focus on school....but what am I going to do with my life now? 
Then I got to thinking a little more, and I realized I have had animals in my life literally since I was born. 
I started riding horses when I was three....

My family got our dog...Kip when I was 4. I was really sick, and my dad brough this adorable little puppy in with a bow on her collar, and I loved her until she died in 2008 of thyroid cancer. :(

Got my horse Kassi when I was...7....(I think? Dont hold me to that)
Sorry I dont have a picture, maybe Ill scan one and put it in later :) 

Got  Thomas when I was 12...which caused me to start showing in UPHC a year later :)

We had Kassi's babies, Buddy and Rusty, and got Stan too. 

I got Joey, my big horse for 14-18, but I only had him a few years. He was great but we never really clicked.

My parents traded Stan for a purebred black lab and we have had her about a year now, January 2010 was when she came to our house. 
Shes adorable and huge now, and full of energy....but she's never been....calm I guess haha

And then we rescued Quin. My parents got called about a mini Australian shepherd that came in as a stray to the humane society. He was getting fixed to be put up for adoption, but he didnt even make it back to the shelter. My dad went and looked at him, picked him up and brought him home, where he now gets to play with Izzy and get loved all the time. Hes my buddy when Im home, and gets loved wayy too much by me, but its okay :)

I guess what Im saying is, I have never lived my life without animals, and I never plan to. It will be really strange without Thomas around to go visit everyday. The hair they shed, and the messes they make are just a little price to pay for the companionship they provide. :) Its a good thing my roommate has a dog I can play with!