Thursday, August 28, 2014

Okay party people! 

I get to start bugging people about getting their addresses to me now, so that way I dont have to stress about it later! If you would like fun things to come in your mail....AKA an invitation to come to this super cool wedding next July, I need you to CLICK ON THIS and fill out the form. Yes, I need your email address too, I promise I wont spam you!:)
This will also help us to get our address book started, and for thank you notes, etc.

I also know I promised our story about how we met and how we got together, but the cool thing is is that I made a super awesome website for our wedding and all of those stories are on the website!

It has awesome things on it and it will update everyone on wedding stuff, location, times, etc. Were still a ways out, but I figure if I start doing all this now I wont have so much to do later!

Sam and Chelsea's Wedding Website:)

I wont be doing a facebook event, so this is as good as it will get. I want all of you to be invited, so please put your address down on the postable address book!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Engagement Story! :)

So if you follow me on instagram or are friends with me on facebook(which im sure is the majority of people reading this) you probably know that Sam and me are engaged!:) a lot of people want to see the ring pics and hear the actual story, so rather than tell it a million times I will post it on my lovely blog that I haven't updated in AGES. whoops. Ill get better at that eventually.

Here it goes.
So lets be honest, I knew what my ring would probably look like, in Sam's words: "Im not going to go out and spend all this money on a little ring and you not like it. So tell me what you want" So I may have helped out a little bit:) ...okay maybe a lot. 
It was custom and it took a while to get done, so I didnt really have a clue when it was going to happen. Sooooooo....I knew it was getting close, because I refuse to have our engagement pictures in the snow, cause if you dont already know I hate snow and I wanted the pictures done in the late summer/fall. So I may have already scheduled those, and told him he has until then to do what he needs to do. I figured that would be plenty of time, but Sam would say otherwise. Apparently Sam drove all the way to Logan on Friday to get the ring without me knowing, he told me he worked late. Which is normal, he does that a lot, so I didnt think anything of it.
Soooo...lets fast forward to today! 
I have been wanting to hike to Cecret Lake since we moved to Salt Lake back in May, and it was supposed to be an easy hike. So we decided to go today, it is Sam's only day off this week, he had to work yesterday(Saturday). So first of all, we get up there(Tiffany came too, she took the wonderful pictures ya'll get to look at) and the parking lot to the campground we were supposed to drive to was full. There was a free shuttle to the campground, but instead we decide to walk to the campground which was probably 2 miles away from the spot we parked in little cottonwood canyon. I have been sick for a week now with a horrible cold and I am just now getting over it, but I am still stuffy and congested. So with saying that, that hike sucked, and it was not easy. Me and Tiffany were dying, I had to stop a lot because I could barely breathe. I had a horrible sinus headache, and the people we met along the way were saying that the last part of the hike to the lake was terrible switchbacks and such. I was so mad that this "easy" hike was not easy at all, it really sucked actually! We stopped at the campground and had lunch, then the last .4 miles of the hike was packed with people and over all of these rocks. But when we got to the top it was gorgeous. 

The water was sooo clear. So we wandered around for a while, and things kept getting more and more awkward, and I had no clue why. So we wandered, from spot to spot until apparently Sam decided that this certain spot was alright. I suggested that me and Tiffany take pictures, and then she said she would take pictures of me and Sam after that. Well when me and Sam were taking pictures, we were goofing off and then I turned away for a second and all of a sudden he was down on one knee! 
I'm not gonna lie, I started laughing because Sam opened the ring box upside down, and the poor kid was so nervous I don't think either one of us knew what to do. Of course I said yes:) Now I'm exhausted, and completely thrilled that I can officially start planning. Im even more thrilled that I'm stuck with this guy forever and couldn't be happier about it:) Hes great! Im really not good at being super emotional or excited around a lot of people and there were people EVERYWHERE. So dont mind that I'm not so totally super ecstatic, I also had hiked like 2.5 miles by this theres that.

The ring picture! yay!:) 

Save the date, and plan on a good time July 11th, 2015. Its gonna be a party! 

A lot of people dont know how we met or really know our story at all, so were going to post that here soon. Hang tight, Ill get around to it sometime this week, I promise!