Thursday, August 28, 2014

Okay party people! 

I get to start bugging people about getting their addresses to me now, so that way I dont have to stress about it later! If you would like fun things to come in your mail....AKA an invitation to come to this super cool wedding next July, I need you to CLICK ON THIS and fill out the form. Yes, I need your email address too, I promise I wont spam you!:)
This will also help us to get our address book started, and for thank you notes, etc.

I also know I promised our story about how we met and how we got together, but the cool thing is is that I made a super awesome website for our wedding and all of those stories are on the website!

It has awesome things on it and it will update everyone on wedding stuff, location, times, etc. Were still a ways out, but I figure if I start doing all this now I wont have so much to do later!

Sam and Chelsea's Wedding Website:)

I wont be doing a facebook event, so this is as good as it will get. I want all of you to be invited, so please put your address down on the postable address book!!

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