Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update update update.

First horse show!
This is a picture of me at my first USU equestrian team horse show. It was so fun! I ended up placing 4th in the second show and 6th in the third, which is good considering it was my first show where I just hopped on a horse that i didnt even know. it was so scary, drawing horses that you didnt even know and getting on without even warming up before the show. It was rough, but I made it through! I cannot wait for the next one, it should be just as good of a time I hope! I love everyone on the team so much, we all had so much fun and I get along with pretty much everyone.

This week is a busy/fun-filled week. Homecoming is this week, which means street painting, parades, football, and dances. AXO is also having one of our biggest philanthropy events, Dollar Days. We sell a ton of stuff on the TSC patio for a dollar to help raise money for a domesic violence victim scholarship. Its crazy to think a year ago I was just a new member, and now Ive been initiated for almost a year!!!!! I love every second of it though. to study for yet another test :) The madness never ends!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So many new things.

So...basically I havent blogged for like, 3 months. Ive been so busy, I cant even handle it. between moving, school starting, AXO stuff, along with so much more, I cant even begin to fill everyone in.
I tried out for the USU equestrian team about a month ago and MADE IT! :) I love everyone on the team and going to practices every gives me a little bit of a getaway from the regular routine. Our first show is this weekend, we will see how this goes.
Im loving AXO and all the new members. 62 of us!!! Crazyness. Chapter retreat was so much fun, and im sure the rest of the semester is just going to get better.

Im out for now. but I will try and blog more often!