Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update update update.

First horse show!
This is a picture of me at my first USU equestrian team horse show. It was so fun! I ended up placing 4th in the second show and 6th in the third, which is good considering it was my first show where I just hopped on a horse that i didnt even know. it was so scary, drawing horses that you didnt even know and getting on without even warming up before the show. It was rough, but I made it through! I cannot wait for the next one, it should be just as good of a time I hope! I love everyone on the team so much, we all had so much fun and I get along with pretty much everyone.

This week is a busy/fun-filled week. Homecoming is this week, which means street painting, parades, football, and dances. AXO is also having one of our biggest philanthropy events, Dollar Days. We sell a ton of stuff on the TSC patio for a dollar to help raise money for a domesic violence victim scholarship. Its crazy to think a year ago I was just a new member, and now Ive been initiated for almost a year!!!!! I love every second of it though. to study for yet another test :) The madness never ends!

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