Friday, December 17, 2010

Semester 3

The semester of hell. DONE! Tomorrow I take my last final at 9:30 (which should be easy) and then I am done with this awful semester. Its been the hardest semester yet, and Im so glad to see it go. I have been waiting for this exact time to come since about September. YAY! :)
AXO has been the highlight of my semester, with the newly initiated 24 girls, two of which were some of my best friends before they joined. Im so happy for them! We also have a new exec board, with me as your VP Fraternity Relations :) I will be handling all of the buisness with the Alumnae and Chapter Consultants. Im so excited to be on exec, I think that being on it will better my leadership skills and strengthen my love for the already wonderful organization I am in. I also hold the position of Member at Large, so I will make decisions about recruitment and such for the chapter. the next few upcoming semesters will be busy, but fun! Im stoaked.
The USU equestrian team is just about the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love it so much and riding horses is something I have always enjoyed doing, which makes it so much better! I hope to continue riding for the team and helping the team do well at meets. I love all of my teammates so much and they are so great to me :) Although I have to raise 550 dollars to be on the team I hope to do that plus more, I just love it!!!! :)
I am taking career and life planning next semester, so hopefully I get my life figured out from there...:) I have been struggling the past couple of semesters, but its only progress progress progress from here. Life is great, and God is taking care of me.
Sorry that I have been so awful at updating this, I have been so busy twitter and FB is all I can keep up with :)
Love you all!

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