Saturday, June 1, 2013

Alright. So I got lectured about not blogging, so here I am, blogging for all of you who want to hear about my interesting life. My computer got sent to the computer doctor and it is finally back! Thanks to Jackis mom it has the brand new operating system, and all of my programs are updated and its all sorts of clean, and doesnt burn my legs to pieces anymore!

Are you ready? Get excited, you know, cause my life is so super cool.

I moved to SLC! Yay! I work at Wheeler farm and give tours to school children all day. Dont worry, I use my kid voice and hop like a bunny all the way to the milk barn anywhere from 2-5 times a day! Soon I will be helping run a summer camp for kids ages 6-10, which should be so fun, I get to play with horses and cows and do crafts. What else could I ask for in a minimum wage paying job right? Thomas is in SLC, so I get to see my cute boy every day, and I love every second of it. I am slightly obsessed with my horse, its okay. I have an iPhone now, and im absolutely in love. I use it more than my computer or my ipad, and it stays alive almost all day! If you know me and my luck with phones, you know that is a huge freakin deal.

Oh. Dont worry I didnt forget this! After finals I got to go to San Diego and see my boyfriend!!!!(Thanks tax return) I booked the flight at the very beginning of April and didnt get to go till May 9th, it was sort of torture. I definitely had a countdown going. But I had so much fun, even if we spend most of the time driving around in his truck trying to find the places we were going. We got to walk along mission beach, go to sunset cliffs(and due to my impatience and ADD we didnt get to see the sunset...oops.) We stayed at Days Hotel in hotel circle, and it was super close to everything. Food, beaches, shopping and pretty much everywhere we wanted to go. I loved San Diego, and I cant wait to go back. Especially if I get to see Sam. I like him just a little bit :) For dinner our last night we were there, we ended up at some random Japanese grill, and there was only chopsticks, no forks. we got a dinner with 7 side dishes, and it was really interesting because we didn't know what any of it was. Definitely an experience I wont forget! It was actually really good. Reminded me of Bridesmaids and the place they go to lunch and get really sick, except we did not get sick. Which is probably a good thing. We went to a hookah bar, which was also an experience that I havent had. There is one in SLC now that I think i need to go to over the summer now. I definitely did not want to leave Sunday evening. Four days was not long enough.

For now, Im just working and riding Thomas, living the life. I should graduate next may, and my job is actually counting for elective credit for fall. Salt Lake traffic drives me crazy, and I miss everyone in Logan. Theres my update!

Shyannes wedding in Logan! 

My trip to San Diego!

Mission Beach
pretty flowers :)

Hotel Circle and palm trees!!!!!

Such dorks!

Our Korean/Japanese/Strange dinner on Saturday night

Sunset cliffs!

I may be slightly obsessed with my pony. Sam calls him my other man. :) 

Birthday night at the westerner :)
Cute baby animals at Wheeler Farm!

Im absolutely terrified of the geese. This is probably as close as Ill ever get!