Monday, March 26, 2012

update...for what its worth.

Ohh dear. 
What a few weeks it has been. 
I honestly can say I have the best friends that life could ask for. 
Lets start...well...from yesterday. and work our way back. 
I stayed in logan this weekend, and had a fantastic weekend with friends :) 
I shot a gun for the first time! 
well two different guns.
I couldn't tell you what kind they were..or anything. but when I shot the pistol I guess I turned my head and closed my eyes when I pulled the its safe to say if I ever tried to shoot anything I would probably miss.  But that's besides the point, I shot a gun! Give me time, Ill be pro before too long! TJ and Vince were very patient with me, which is lucky because I didnt even know how to hold a gun and would have probably done something stupid. I wish I would have taken pictures, but Ive got nothing. maybe next time. 
I went to the bridal fair Saturday with a bunch of girls just for kicks, and because I want to start getting ideas for being a wedding planner. It was so fun, I ate too much cake, me and Jac got to take pictures in a photobooth, and I got to look at pretty rings. We also went to Olive Garden for Jacs birthday and had Italian sodas, a good time all around.
Pushing back into Lyre week, I had so much fun sleeping over at the house, and hanging out with all of the girls. Initiation was fantastic everything went really well. :) 
Right now Im just so homesick, its one of the first weekends I havent been home and Im just really missing my mom, my dog and my horse! Oh well, two days!
:) Thats all for now, Im sorry Im super lame.