Tuesday, June 3, 2014

doTERRA and horses!

Okay, another short post about oils. 
But this one hits home, especially since in the last couple weeks I have seen it work!

We had someone ask us about using essential oils on horses, and my sister gave her samples. This horse has asthma, and would wheeze and cough frequently. So we gave her some breathe mixed with coconut oil to dilute it so it wasnt so strong. The next time the horse was having an attack, this blend was put around her nostrils and down her neck. Within minutes the horse had stopped coughing, and was calm again. SO COOL RIGHT?

I am just amazed by the benefits doTERRA gives to people and animals. I am going to try and use a calming blend on my horse at horse shows, seeing if it will keep him from spooking at inanimate objects....it happens more than I would like it to! haha

Again, if you want more info please let me know by emailing me: chelseab162@gmail.com. I can send you samples and answer your questions!

Ill keep everyone updated on how Thomas reacts to the serenity:)