Friday, June 8, 2012

sunshine summertime.

So....the computer system for looking up books and such is down at work. So guess what I decided to do? 
Update ya'll on my life and actually read my friends blogs for once...weird. 
So since I last blogged...hmmm
I turned 21. 
which...really wasn't at all as I imagined it.
They day before my birthday, I got a sore throat. Which was whatever. I always get sore throats. and mind you, I had just been sick last week with a cold...or allergies...or something. So. I just brush it off. But when I went to work, I got super achey and my throat hurt really bad. But I went to Ogden with Caitlin and Jennika to see Alycia, and that was super fun. I just took ibprophen and it wasnt terrible, but as soon as I got home, I got into bed and just wanted to die. I had a fever, I hurt everywhere, it was terrible. So midnight rolls around, and isnt that where anyone who is turning 21 is supposed to get crazy and go drink...and stuff? 
Nope. not this girl. I was in bed, under my covers, with One Tree Hill and a glass of water...dying. 
So to cut this boring story short I went to instacare and paid $70 on my birthday to discover I had a serious infection going on in my throat and although the Strep test came out negative, I still had strep. cool. Glad I paid someone to tell me that.
But I went out to dinner, and bought my first alcoholic beverage....oh so exciting. We also went to the only real bar in town...the Owl and got my card for a free burger and then left, then I went home and went to bed...super exciting birthday right? For a couple of years now Ive been planning that day out, been planning the super awesome party I would have. No. That didnt happen.  But its fine. Ill be 21 for a while...I guess. haha. 

In other news, I got a new job!
I work at Gia's as a server. Which I love so far. Its super crazy and fast paced, but its fine.
I also have never opened a wine bottle, or a bottled beer, until last Sunday, which was the first time I took tables by myself. Always a new adventure I guess!
Alright. Thats all. We may be closing the bookstore because the computer systems are still down...wooohooo!

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