Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Patience is something I have always lacked. lets be honest. I switched my major because I didnt want to go to grad school and have to wait another two years for my degree. I am constantly counting down the days to things, and then once thats over I find the next thing to count down to. I am constantly running from one place to the other, wishing I was someplace else.
I realized this weekend when I was at home that I am going to look back and realize all that stuff I rushed through is and was  my life, and its going to be over before I know it. (real cool revelation, I know) And taking it slow is not my way of things. I like to rush through everything I do to get to the "good part" and dont stop to look at where Im at right now. 

So here I am. Finally trying to slow down and take my time, because life is too great to rush through.:)

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