Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quick little update.

I havent blogged in almost three months. Thats probably not okay. Anyways. In three months...I....
Moved. Again. (weird...that never happens)
Started school again
changed my major (that never happens either...I swear)
Quit my job waitressing
Was a Rho Gamma for recruitment (one of the best experiences of my college career)
Became a full time student and an active member of Alpha Chi Omega again :) yay!

Nothing terribly exciting has happened. My poor sad college life continues, and since I changed my major I will graduate a year late. Which is fine because I freaking love parks and recreation. the classes and teachers are fabulous. its all about programming and event management, which is fan-freakin-tastic.  Well since Im super cool and I have nothing else to say, ill just post some pictures of the past couple of months to fill you in :) Im also too lazy to continue writing. haha here you go!

After re-affiliation on bid day! 


Homecoming football game with one of my favorite people :) 

Fall pictures with sisters :) 

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