Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Me and my silly animals.

You know what I realized today? 
I have had Thomas in Logan with me for almost a year. Now he is home, cause Ive been too busy and I need to focus on school....but what am I going to do with my life now? 
Then I got to thinking a little more, and I realized I have had animals in my life literally since I was born. 
I started riding horses when I was three....

My family got our dog...Kip when I was 4. I was really sick, and my dad brough this adorable little puppy in with a bow on her collar, and I loved her until she died in 2008 of thyroid cancer. :(

Got my horse Kassi when I was...7....(I think? Dont hold me to that)
Sorry I dont have a picture, maybe Ill scan one and put it in later :) 

Got  Thomas when I was 12...which caused me to start showing in UPHC a year later :)

We had Kassi's babies, Buddy and Rusty, and got Stan too. 

I got Joey, my big horse for 14-18, but I only had him a few years. He was great but we never really clicked.

My parents traded Stan for a purebred black lab and we have had her about a year now, January 2010 was when she came to our house. 
Shes adorable and huge now, and full of energy....but she's never been....calm I guess haha

And then we rescued Quin. My parents got called about a mini Australian shepherd that came in as a stray to the humane society. He was getting fixed to be put up for adoption, but he didnt even make it back to the shelter. My dad went and looked at him, picked him up and brought him home, where he now gets to play with Izzy and get loved all the time. Hes my buddy when Im home, and gets loved wayy too much by me, but its okay :)

I guess what Im saying is, I have never lived my life without animals, and I never plan to. It will be really strange without Thomas around to go visit everyday. The hair they shed, and the messes they make are just a little price to pay for the companionship they provide. :) Its a good thing my roommate has a dog I can play with!

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