Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh Christmas....break.

I realize how much school takes up my time when I don't have school.....
Tumblr, pinterest, facebook and twitter have been taking over my life.....which is really sad. 
As I look back on 2011 I think about the roller coster it has been....I think about the fabulous friends and family I have, and the amazing people who are in my life. So heres the pictures, I think I got it all covered :) 
Exec Board 2011 AXO

USU--Region Champs 2011

Me and Bree :) 

Chelsea and Chelsea. This is really not attractive. haha Lyre week Spring 2011

Me and my grandlittle :) 

Step Show Spring 2011

me and my bestest friend

Senior dinner :) My big

DSP formal Spring 2011 I love these boys so much!

AXO Spring formal 

Summer--Santa Monica pier

Beach :) 

me and carlos :) 

my newest little, Jacki -- fall 2011 new member class 

me and Whitney in the summer!

Caitlin's wedding :) freshman year roomies!

Me and Chelsea Dean

Pike dance party in the fall

Me and Thomas :) 

DSP Toga Party

Phi Men Black and Purple ball

Fall recruitment 


Heres to 2012! 

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