Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1. I cant sleep with socks on. crazy. I know!
2. I hate close-minded people. its one of my biggest pet-peeves.
3. I love cheese in ramen :D if you have never tried it you should!
4. I hate celery.
5. I have terrible handwriting.
6. I dont really care what other people think.
7. I can never find anything if i organize. I prefer an organized mess. :P
8. I was born in California.
9. I l-o-v-e techno.
10. Im allergic to some strange antibiotic with a Z in it :P
11. I've tried really hard to stop drinking carbonated drinks, many times. it never works.
12. I'm totally and completely boyy crazy. ;]
13. I have a short temper, but im super quick to forgive.
14. I cant suck on hard candy. I bite it. haha.
15. I'm extremely hyperactive. I can barely sit through movies.
16. I hateee running.
17. I will just open my refrigorator, look in it, and then shut it. I'm usually not even hungry when i do it. haha!
18. I love reading =]
19. I cant drink hot coffee unless its loaded with sugar. Ice coffee I can drink almost black. stranggeee.
20. My alarm does nothing. I just shut it off and go back to sleep. haha.
21. I have broken my nose, twice. and yes, its crooked.
22. I lovee clothes. But i have zero money :]
23. Definately a night person. Usually.
24. Flowers are my favorite.
25. I hate the snow.
26. I love rain and sunshineeee. :]
27. zebra print is my new obsession.
28. I like white chocolate better than any other chocolate.
29. I have a hard time saying no to people.
30. I like rap music too, it really just depends on my mood.
more to commeee :]

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