Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It definitely feels like christmas, with the snow coming down as i write this! Beka is getting ready for bed as we speak, waiting for santa to come!

being home is very relaxing, and i love it. Seeing old friends is awesome, but its weird to think most of them are going on missions and I wont see them again for two years. Im growing up, and i dont know if i like it or not!!!!

I miss all my friends back at USU though, and I miss dance parties! me and caitlin and alycia went over to the Pike house the weekend before finals and plugged my ipod into their stereo system downstairs and had a dance party. it
was interesting, to say the least. Atleast we know how to have fun! :)

I wish it was spring already, I hate the snow.
This is one of the very rare times you will see me out in the snow, and smiling about it! My roommate Jac took me snowmobiling while i was visiting her after finals and we went snowmobiling. I got a little chilly, but I actually had fun!

I was driving back from christmas eve service tonight and almost spun off the road. luckily our tahoe has good tires. :) But i still dont like the snow! the only time its okay for it to snow is on christmas. and its supposed to be clear and sunny this year. God sure has a sense of humor...haha.

Santa is coming. I must go to sleep!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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