Friday, May 20, 2011


Summer is finally here, but by looking outside or at the temperature you wouldn't know.  It has been cold, rainy, and pretty depressing.  My birthday is in a little over a week, and then it is JUNE.  
So...Summer...where are you???
In other news, Im all moved into my new apartment and I LOVE it.  I have my own room, full sized bed, and live with great girls.  We have barstools that are WAY too big for the counter, and our couches are the most uncomfortable thing you will ever sit on, but I still love our awkward little apartment.  Its kindof lonely because Im used to living with 22 other girls and now Im living with 3, but it will give me the time I need to recuperate for next year.  
I finally found a job I love! 
 I work at Cal Ranch stores, and for some odd reason I just kindof love it.  So working there 25+ hours a week has been just great, and has finally given me some structure to my day, if I didnt work like I did last summer, I think I would die of boredom.  The managers love me, and the girls that I work with cashiering are way fun.  Dealing with old farmers and married hicks couldnt really be better. :) 
Im hoping summer 2011 will be a time where I can really just appreciate life for what it is.  This is the first time I will be completely on my own, paying for my own rent, my own utilities, my own food, everything.  Im growing more independent, finally.  
Thomas is up in Logan with me, and I absolutely love it.  He really is the best thing in my life, and I dont know if I could love a horse more than I love him :) He is my absolute best friend, and its really funny how he knows exactly how I am feeling, or can tell me how he is feeling in an instant.  It may sound way strange, but its something I cant really explain.
Im also ready for summer 2011 to be the best summer ever.  It may have started out slow, but it will pick up, I have faith!  
Thats really all for now, I am off to actually get out of bed and go do something with my life.      

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