Monday, July 19, 2010


....those were the last words that came out of my mouth. literally....well. okay. story time.

Went out to the barn to ride, just like any other day. saddled up my oh so dear horse....and took him out to the arena. Kaitlin Pittman and the girl I nanny, Madison, were with me and Kaitlin was riding Madison's horse, Tigger, and I was riding my horse Thomas. I get on, and this is where it all goes wrong. Mistake A: I didnt lunge him. He had already been out today, and he acted like he was about to fall asleep when we went out there. Mistake B: I wore my hair down. I never wear my hair down when I ride....ever. anyways. to cut this boring story short.......Thomas freaked out because the other horses in the pasture scared him and he tucked his head and started bucking. Like, bucking bronc bucking. I stayed on for a good 30 seconds......then fell...right on my shoulder. Could have been worse I suppose, but it still hurt like hell. Current situation is: Im sitting in Kirsten's house because....well because Im awesome like that. I cant move my left arm, and Thomas is tied in his stall, hopefully thinking about the naughty deeds he did. Stupid horse. Thats all. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow....hopefully I dont die before then :)


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