Thursday, July 15, 2010

You know, I dont know what the future may hold, but I know as long as I have good friends to surround me, family to support me, and enough money to get by...I dont really care. Living my life to be happy is all Im doing right now, and I absolutely love it. Im getting good grades for me, Im getting up and getting dressed and ready for me, Im being me, and no one else. I finally feel like I am who I am supposed to be, and I adore it.
Life lately seems like it has been spiraling out of control, and I have just been stuck in this endless twister of confusion....who Im supposed to be, where Im supposed to be, why am I even where I am. All the possibilities, the choices Ive had to make, they have seemed to overwhelm me. Finally, that twister has slowed down, I feel like Im back on my feet again. These choices seem easier to make, and life seems like its so much easier all of a sudden.
Ive been in and out of love, liked so many people, and spent endless tears on guys who werent worth my time. Im over it. I have wonderful guy friends who are better to me than any boyfriend Ive ever had. I dont need a man to make me happy, and when Im ready for one, God will put him into my life, and make this wonderful journey better than it already is. Too many times Ive seen friends, roommates, and people I dont even know cry over boys, and I dont need that in my life.
Jobs, money, it all seems so distant to me. Im doing what I wanna do, and thats all I care about. I also know that God will get me a job, in due time. It may be difficult, but I will keep trying and He will give me the right opportunity, in due time. :)
Life is good. God is taking care of me. I am happy. <3

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