Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel like the past month has been a learning experience for me. I have struggled so much with fitting in, and feeling like I have to be a certain person that I definitely am not.  My confidence has completely gone out the window, and I have been hurting because I feel like I am constantly never good enough.
I guess Im sick of trying to please people.  Thinking Im overweight, or a terrible friend, or that I cant do something.  
Sure, Im not the skinniest girl in the world. but who cares? If I want to change that bad enough I could.
So what if I don't have a boyfriend?  I am a complete person without a boyfriend.  I love myself to know that the right person will come along when I am well ready.  He will make an effort, and love me for exactly who I am, no matter what. 
I dont want anyone in my life that doesnt want me to be in theirs.  If you dont like me, thats fine.  I can find someone who cares about me more.
Im done not being good enough.  Im done being someone who has no self confidence, and who hooks up with boys just to make herself feel better.  I am only giving myself to those who deserve me, with friendships, relationships, anything. 
Im living this life for God, and he will lead me where ever he wants me, and for now, that is right here, flying solo, being exactly who I am, and going where ever He tells me to go. 

Loving life, so much.  and its only going to get better, just you wait and see:)

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