Wednesday, March 9, 2011

spring break 2011

after having every single plan I had fall through....I ended up staying in Logan for spring break.
First...I wanted to go to Cali. that failed.
then I was supposed to go to Vegas for the WAC...that failed.
Then I was going to go to Vegas again, also failed...yet again. (currently still trying to go actually, but I doubt that will happen)
But honestly, I dont know if I would trade anything for the spring break I had. Even though I didnt go on a cruise, or to Cancun, or to California, or even to Nevada I have still had so much fun, and its only a little over half over!
running around my sorority house because there is absolutely no one here...(which I love, no girls to clean up after, the kitchen is clean for once!)
Riding my horse
hot tubbing
staying up until the crack of dawn with my sisters and friends, just because.
Getting 2 hours of sleep for two nights straight, and the next day not being able to even stand up for long periods of time. (true story)
going to the Justin Bieber movie.
Laughing until I cant anymore.
I guess this spring break has taught me that you dont need all the bells and whistles in life to have fun.  You actually dont even need hardly anything.  Just your friends. :)

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